Nemesis the Warlock Colour Collection-Covers & Pin-Ups 

After our recent comprehensive review of the spectacular Nemesis the Warlock Colour Collection,sadly there wasn’t room to fit in the outstanding original cover and pin-up artwork,from unique series artist Kevin O’Neill.

Here they are..

  • Double-page pin-up,The Siege Of Ydrasil Castle from Book III:The World of Nemesis(Progs335-49,24Sep-31Dec’83)-Kevin O’Neill
  • Original artwork for Torquemada cover(Prog349,24Ep’83)-Kevin O’Neill
  • Torquemada in Berserker zombie form Book I:The World of Termight(Progs22244*,25Jul-26Dec’81)-Kev O’Neill
  • Original US series cover,Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #1-Kev O;Neill(Sep’84)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #2-Kev O;Neill(Oct’84)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #3-Kev O;Neill(Nov’84)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #4-Kev O;Neill(Dec’84)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #5-Kev O;Neill(Jan’85)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #6-Kev O;Neill(Feb’85)
  • Eagle Comics:Nemesis the Warlock #7-Kev O;Neill(Mar’85)

Available in two exciting editions:Deviant (Standard) and Termight (Deluxe),the latter including two signed prints by creators Pat Mills & Kevin O’Neill.

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When we think of the aesthetics of speculation, very specific examples of 1970s and 1980s science fiction immediately spring to mind: illustrators Syd Mead and Chris Foss, for example. Interestingly, although many early examples look like computer-generated images, they are painted, and one can’t help but wonder if they actually influenced the look and feel of today’s computer graphics technology. Over the years the use of CGI has evolved enormously in terms of technology but not so much aesthetically.

Speculative Everything, Dunne and Raby, page 102

Why do we have to limit ourselves by what we expect of ourselves? How do we go further into the unknown?

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Japanese The Road Warrior poster

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